Partner Opportunity Ltd. has set up partner opportunities for individuals and organisations throughout the UK and Ireland to join in our success. This opportunity will appeal to videographers, video editors, marketing agencies, web designers, member based organisations and a range of creative type people.

1. Full use of the websites and all related internet services.

2. Administrator control of the branded Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel that are integrated with this website.

3. Opportunity to retain income generated from entries on the network of websites throughout the UK.

4. Opportunity to earn ongoing income streams from businesses.

5. Video editing support from for every video produced.

6. You will be part of a national brand identity and network of over 400 UK websites, covering all towns and cities.

7. A fully integrated marketing package to monitor viewings and enquiries.

8. Excellent Search Engine Optimisation techniques due to our 17 years experience in the industry.

9. A pricing structure that makes the costs affordable to the small business owner. This is a highly attractive offer that will appeal to all businesses in any town, city or area.

We are interested in speaking to any organisations, groups, tourist associations who would like to take advantage of our video production offer for your current members. This opportunity is also available to the highest calibre of people looking for an ongoing, residual source of income.


Monthly membership Charges.
Video customers are charged from £20 a month to cover the cost of ongoing marketing of the completed videos. This represents part of the monthly income that partners can earn for every video produced.

Standard Video Production.
There are very competitive charges for standard video production, video editing, script writing, professional voiceover recordings and final production of a video about a local business.

Premium Video Production.
Video customers can be charged for a premium video service, agreed during the sales process. This service includes:
~ Graphics integrated into video production.
~ Extended time for on-site filming.
~ Multiple locations requiring filming.
~ Blue screen presenters integrated into video.
~ Extended voiceover recordings.
~ Multiple voiceover artists being used for recording scripts.
~ Video Animation. can assist partners in the delivery of a premium video service for customers who require this service.

There are no set up costs.

There are no charges for any internet fees, website or video hosting services.

Monthly revenue will be shared by with participating partners, once sales have been completed.

Cost of filming, video editing and final video production paid by the customer is retained by the partner completing the work.
Opening Hours:
We are available anytime. If you have to call please try and keep it to normal working hours.
Contact: Ltd.
Scion House
University of Stirling Innovation Park
Tel: 0845 8334195
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